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Machine Elf Studios
Based in Miami, Florida

Release Date:
Kickstarter: May 18th, 2021
Estimated Full Release: Fall 2023

PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Switch

RPG, Social Sim, Monster-Taming

Similar Games:
Final Fantasy VII Remake, Pokémon, Monster Hunter, Persona 5
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USD $30
Laxidaze is a monster taming action RPG set in a cyber-funk future that features 3rd person combat and social-sim gameplay. The player controls a character that quits a soulless job at a mega-corp, named Nile Corp, to pursue something greater. They become a bounty hunter in the wasteland outskirts of Cascadia in order to fund a life for them and their friends. Chaos erupts when the extent of Nile Corp's abuses are revealed. Our heroes join the resistance against Nile Corp as the façade of their benevolence fades and their atrocities come to light. Recruit monsters and bounty hunters and rebel against an oppressive government in Laxidaze.

We are Andrew and Michael, we’ve been best friends since grade school and bonded over a mutual love for video games. Whenever we played a game, we talked about what we liked and what we would change. We’re two Hispanics, who were born to immigrant parents. We grew up in the multi-ethnic culture of Miami, Florida; where flare, vibrant colors, and Latin music dominate and have become the  defined social representation. We are trying to bring that look and feel into a largely homogenous gaming industry, we also wanted to showcase our love and appreciation for the games that have inspired us like Pokémon, Persona, and Monster Hunter. With multi-ethnic and multi-racial backgrounds, representation has always mattered to us and Laxidaze is no exception. As a role playing game, having a diverse cast and an expansive character creator is important to us in order to better represent the player and create a more immersive experience to a wider audience.

•Create your own bounty hunting team and recruit other bounty hunters and Nanims (tamable monsters) to aid you in your quest to liberate Cascadia.
•Fight through the wilds of Cascadia in a real time third person combat system or utilize the game's Tactical Mode to slow down time and choose your moves.
•Use the profits from your bounties to manage and upgrade both your home and the community.
•Explore the urban and wild landscapes of Cascadia and discover its many towns, wacky citizens, and hidden secrets.
•Recruit, evolve, and fight alongside Nanims as you complete quests in Laxidaze.
•Level up your companions' friendship links by hanging out with (and  even romancing!) them to unlock new armors, quests, and weapons.
•Play with your friends in various Co-Op dungeons and battle arenas or fight it out to see who has the best build in PvP battles

Laxidaze Full Kickstarter Trailer

Laxidaze Kickstarter Teaser #2 (YouTube)

Laxidaze Mini Trailer #2 (YouTube)

Laxidaze Mini Trailer #1 for PYG November 2020 (YouTube)

Phantom Hunter Class Reveal (YouTube)

Engineer Hunter Class Reveal (YouTube)

Machine Elf Studios Interview on The Lowdown with James Yon

Laxidaze - A Cyber-Funk, Monster Battling ARPG | Kickstarter is Live! - GymLeaderEd

Monetization Permission
Machine Elf Studios allows for the contents of Laxidaze to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Laxidaze is legally & explicitly allowed by Machine Elf Studios.
Laxidaze Credits
ZW Buckley
Cofounder, Programmer, Game Designer
Cofounder, Programmer, Game Designer
Community Manager, Marketing Director, Editor
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