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In this blog post, we will be going over summoning, one of your companions, and a look into one of the Hunter classes! Stick through to the end for the full Hunter reveal video! In case you missed our last blog post, here is the Introduction to Combat post!

The player will be able to recruit an unlimited amount of Nanims and Hunters to their team but will be limited to 3 Nanims (not counting the Nanims that your companions are carrying) and 3 Hunters (including the player) while on a mission. Below is a gif of the player selecting their Hunter Team before setting out on a mission.

The player sitting at their computer in their apartment, selecting their Hunter Team before a mission.

In Laxidaze, during battles you will be able to summon Nanims and various other things (to be revealed at a later date) to aid you in your fight. In order to summon a Nanim during battle, you must first build your Summoning Meter. There are a few ways to build your Summoning Meter: receive damage, deal damage, and gradually over time. Like the Nano Meter, the Summoning Meter is split into several "charges" that are consumed whenever Nanims are summoned into battle. The amount of charges required to summon a Nanim depends on the relative size and power of that specific Nanim. Below is a gif of the player summoning their Nanim.

The player summoning Kapoki

The player summoning Luna

Nanim Overview: Kapoki & Luna
- Kapoki: Small, Sound type Nanim that evolved from a domestic house cat. Kapokis have retained their cat-like attitude but now have the ability to walk on two legs.
- Luna: Evolved from a wolf, Lunas are a Nano type (the neutral type) with an affinity for the moon and developing deep, loyal connections with those that befriend them and earn their trust.
We will be going over them more in an upcoming Dev blog but for now, here are two gifs showing some Nanim combat. Here's a peak a Luna:

Luna performing an ability

And here's a peak at Kapoki:

Kapoki performing an ability

Companion: Yuki
Yuki is best friends with Sam and the main character. PHD Student at Cascadia University studying Nano-Biology. Extraverted and outgoing but anxious and unsure internally. Passionate about Nanims and the study of Nanims. Martial arts prowess due to years of childhood training. 
Yuki has joined your Hunter Team in order to focus on her Nanim research. She provides insight on recruiting Nanims and Nanim strengths/weaknesses. Yuki has decided to embrace the shadows and become a Phantom.
- Afterimage: While dodging, Yuki is able to produce a decoy of herself at her last position to confuse her enemies. Below are two gifs showcasing her Nano-Sync ability.

Yuki performing her Nano-Sync ability

Hunter CLass: Phantom
Step into the shadows, fall into the void - Phantom Creed. The Phantom specializes in stealth and deception, giving them the ability to step in and out of battle to inflict maximum damage on a single target while remaining relatively undamaged. Stealth-based weapons and armors are generally light, perfect for giving Phantoms agility to perform their numerous attacks.

Weapon and Armor:
- The Void Stepper Suit: Phantom class Hunter suit, provides a great boost to dexterity and a moderate boost to stamina. Well suited for those that want to get in and out of a fight quickly. Although it does not provide a lot of protection, it does have a decent amount of resistance towards Light based attacks. 
- Dual Void Blades: Phantom type katanas, perfect for ripping off a flurry of precise strikes against an opponent. These blades capture the void around them, which causes a light distorting effect around them dealing Light damage.

Yuki with her Dual Void Blades

Ability #1 - Dragon Dance:
The Hunter conjures dragons made of Light and sends them forward, dealing a great deal of Light damage to the first target hit.

Real Time

Tactical Mode

Ability #2 - Ghost Strike:
The Hunter drops a smoke bomb at their feet to obscure their retreat while disorienting the enemy who loses track of the Hunter. The Hunter takes a step back and lunges forward with both blades out, dealing serious single target damage. 

Real Time

Tactical Mode

Ability #3 - Sakura Shield:
The Hunter creates a temporary shield in front of them, which allows them a moment to take in their surroundings and plan out their next step.

Real Time

Tactical Mode

Ultimate Ability - All Out Strike:
The Hunter goes into overdrive, dashing into their main target and striking them at every angle doing massive single target damage while remaining unscathed.
Full Combat Video
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