Hey, everyone! We want to announce that we are postponing the Kickstarter to Tuesday, May 18th 2021. Unfortunately, both our developers got sick and were unable to work preparing the Kickstarter for a couple of weeks so we felt it would be best to move the date as we want to make sure we're delivering a high quality campaign. The good news is that the date is definitive and there will not be another delay. Here's our Kickstarter Pre-Launch page, make sure to follow it to keep to date on our Kickstarter! 
We have a new trailer to share today with some new gameplay footage, as well as a couple new abilities.
But before we get into that, we have some MAJOR news to share with you all today that we think you'll love!

Laxidaze on Consoles?
At our core, Machine Elf Studios was created by two friends who share a love of video games and have been playing on consoles and PCs since we were kids. Due to the nature of indie game development, our initial focus was getting Laxidaze out on PC. But ever since we announced our project, we have been getting questions about a console release and it never felt good to tell people that a console release was going to be locked behind a stretch goal on our Kickstarter. We want everyone to be able to play Laxidaze and it has been our intention from the beginning to bring Laxidaze to consoles. At this point, we can safely say we will be getting rid of this console stretch goal (don't worry, they're getting replaced with something else that is pretty cool) and instead include it in our base funding! What does this mean exactly?
It means that we can officially announce that Laxidaze is coming to consoles without any stretch goals!
That means, if we hit our funding goal we'll be bringing Laxidaze to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and the Switch!
And in order to celebrate, here's the new teaser trailer!
New Trailer:
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Catch ya soon!

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