what is laxidaze?
Laxidaze is a monster taming action RPG inspired by the classics; set in a cyber-funk future that features real time 3rd person combat (with a tactical mode) and social-sim gameplay. Recruit monsters and super powered bounty hunters in order to rebel against an oppressive government. Laxidaze is a Persona + Pokemon inspired! For more info on Laxidaze, check our blog here 

Why is the game called laxidaze? 
Laxidaze comes from lackadaisical (lack·​a·​dai·​si·​cal) meaning Carefree and laid-back which is the feeling we want people to have while hanging out in the world of Laxidaze.  This has an impactful meaning to the story line as well as to the team at Machine Elf Studios.

will laxidaze release on consoles? what platforms will laxidaze release on? 
Laxidaze will be coming to PC, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch!

how many nanims will be in laxidaze?
For the base game we intend to have around 30 - 40 Nanims. Depending on how many stretch goals we hit that number can go up to 50+.

regarding romance options in the game, are same-sex romances offered? are the romances gender locked? can you be gay in the game?
At Machine Elf Studios, we are all about inclusivity and representation, and as such you will be able to play as any sexual orientation and have any gender identity you want! So, yes you will be able to romance same sex Squad Mates and there are many LGBTQ+ romance options available.

will the game have any microtransactions?
We don't plan to include any microtransactions for the entire single player experience and just plan to make expansion-pack like DLC down the line for single player (New areas, nanims, dungeons, etc). As for multiplayer we are unsure at the moment since we have not hit that stretch goal yet.

where can i contact machine elf studios?
You can contact us through our contact page, our Discord, or on any of our social medias!

More questions? Check our second dev blog!

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