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In this blog post we'll be doing a short overview of the Panzer Hunter class as well as introducing a new Nanim. 
Nanim Overview: DraGmar
- Dragmar (Drag-Mar): A large, Radiation and Air type Nanim that evolved from a Hammerhead Shark. Dragmars are very rare and violent creatures. Due to their violent nature and power, only very experienced hunters can fight one let alone tame one. Dragmars contain a bio-nuclear reactor that acts as their heart and source of power.

Dragmar, the Radiation and Air type Nanim

Dragmar is able to switch between two movement options: Grounded and Airborne. In grounded mode, Dragmar has its defense increased. In airborne mode, its speed is increased. 

Player summoning Dragmar

Gamma-blast: Dragmar launches a ball of radiation energy at the target. Deals heavy Radiation damage. 

Gale-Force: Dragmar creates a large gust of wind with its wings. Deals heavy Wind damage to the target and creates a small cyclone.

Hunter Class: Panzer
The Panzer hunter class can be summed up as such: Take a lot of damage, Do a lot of damage. Panzers are on the front lines of battle and charge directly into any conflict while offering support to their less armored companions. 
- Blink charge: The player uses their blink ability to teleport directly to an unsuspecting foe, dealing high single target damage.

Player using Blink-Charge on a foe

Ability - Photon wave:
The Hunter charges themselves up with Light energy and unleashes a blast of Photons towards the target. This attack deals Light damage. 

Player using Photon wave on foe

Ability - Berzerker's Blink:
The Hunter chains their Blink-charge ability on up to 3 enemies dealing massive damage to each. 

Player using Berzerker's Blink on 3 enemies. 

Ultimate Ability - Accelerator:
The Hunter uses every ounce of their energy to deliver a flurry of powerful attacks onto enemy targets dealing massive Light damage. This move leaves the hunter vulnerable after using. 

Player using Accelerator

Full Hunter Video:

Panzer Hunter Class Combat Video

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