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In this blog post, we will be going over new Nanims, one of your companions, and a look into one of the Hunter classes! Stick through to the end for the full Hunter reveal video! In case you missed our last blog post, here is the Social Sim Gameplay post!
Nanim Overview: Terrachnid & Tetsurtle
- Terrachnid (ter - ak - nid): Medium sized, Earth type Nanim that evolved from a spider. Terrachnids secrete a poisonous substance that they use to attack their prey, as well as shield themselves.


"Toxic Gas": Terrachnid releases a cloud of poisonous gas around itself healing itself and spiderlings.

"Slugnade": Terrachnid shoots a ball of poisonous goo at an enemy doing Earth type damage, with a 10% chance to poison.

"Egg Lob": Terrachnid shoots out multiple eggs which hatch on impact and release spiderlings that damage the nearest enemy. Toxic Gas heals these spiderlings.

The player switching controls between Sam and her summon, Terrachnid.

- Tetsurtle (tets - ur - tle): Evolved from a turtle, Tetsurtles are a Water type Nanim. Tetsurtles are slow moving but deal massive amounts of damage with high defense.


"Drench Gun": Tetsurtle shoots a blast of water from its mouth, drenching and slowing its target while dealing Water damage.

"Hidden Mist": Tetsurtle releases mist into the air creating a heavy fog around itself which damages and blinds enemies.

"Clone Bomb": Tetsurtle creates a water clone of itself which charges forward and deals Water damage as it passes through each enemy it hits.

Companion: Sam
Sam has been the player's best friend, ever since early childhood. Engineer by trade, Beastmaster by passion. Amateur Hunter certified in the Cascadian Hunter League (the CHL, more on this in the next blog). While her expertise lies in technology, her dream is to rise through the ranks and become a highly coveted S rank Hunter in the CHL.
Sam co-founds the Hunter team along with the player in order to free the citizens of Cascadia from Nile Corp. She leads the engineering department of the Hunter team as Chief Technologist, her main responsibilities involve research and development of new equipment. Although she produces cutting edge tech, Sam has an affinity for retro technology with a particular love for cassette tapes.
- Inferno Dynamics: Sam's nanobytes form a protective blanket around her giving her extra protections against all damage types. At the beginning of the game, Sam is only able to use these nanobytes as a protective shield but as she gains more experience, she is able to create a projection of a Nanim which is able to attack.

Sam using her upgraded Nano-Sync, Inferno Dynamics.

Hunter CLass: BeastMaster
The Beast Master class specializes in befriending and training Nanims. Since Nanim Masters focus on their bond with their Nanims, they benefit from more summon charges, more summon slots, and special perks to Nanims (extra buffs per Nanim summoned, easier time recruiting, etc.). Nanim Master armor and weapons are focused on supporting their Nanim summons.

Weapon and Armor:
- Sam's Casual Wear: Although Sam is an expert engineer, she prefers to wear her casual clothing when on a mission rather than any of the numerous armors she's created due to her Nano-Sync ability granting her increased base protections.
- Sam's Rifle: Of unknown origin, Sam has been upgrading this rifle for as long as you've known her. This rifle shoots .50 caliber incendiary rounds.

Sam using her rifle.

Ability #1 - Dragonade:
The Hunter throws a grenade summoning a dragon on impact dealing Flame type damage, the dragon flies up and slams back down dealing double damage to enemies hit by both.

Sam using Dragonade.

Ability #2 - Stallion Rush:
The Hunter summons a group of stallions which charge forward, dealing Flame type damage on impact and leaving a trail of fire which damages enemies.

Sam using Stallion Rush.

Ability #3 - Golem Smash:
The Hunter summons a golem which erupts from the ground and smashes down on all enemies in front of it, dealing damage and slightly concussing enemies.

Sam using Golem Smash.

Ultimate Ability - Ring of Fire:
The Hunter creates a ring of fire around themselves while summoning a fire-breathing dragon. The ring of fire deals Flame damage towards enemies and heals allies.

Sam using Ring of Fire.

Full Hunter Video:
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